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    How many sites do you have?
    Since starting a web site with the sole intention of learning more about affiliate marketing, and then sharing that knowledge froma newbie's point of view, I've earned about $2. I'm pretty stoked about that believe it or not, as the site's only been up for about a week, and got a link from a big blogger.

    I read blogs of people who make significant income from various sources just by blogging, and I also read that they have multiple sites.

    Now I'm not trying to find a way to make a quick buck, don't get me wrong, but it's simply dawned on me that by writing about things that interest me, I'll automatically generate followers.

    I have a non-monetized blog that gets about 100 hits a day when I actively write, and about 60 a day when I let it sit dormant and I've been keeping this blog for over 4 years.

    So I know about blogging and am not planning to throw up a site and abandon it in a week.

    So with that backgrond about my intentions, I'm hoping you can share with me what your stratigies or experience might be...

    How many blogs or websites do you maintain? How much do you monetize each one?


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    I've blogged on this site since it opened and haven't earned a dime from it. Guess I have constipation of thought... and diaria of words.
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    Take a look here, similar topic fairly recent.

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