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    Is banner resize risky???
    I was wondering if resizing banners matters when you already get your link with the given size. For example a company offers 120X60 banners only but I need 130X50 . Will it matter if I change the size? I thought I have seen in some company's terms and conditions that you cannot resize or edit banners but I am not sure!

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    The best strategy here is to email the affiliate manager and ask. Sometimes, they can quickly produce banners in your desired size, especially if your preferred size is only slightly different from a size they already offer.

    I think the main "objection" that merchants may have is the distortion of their logo or trademark, and the possibility that the resized banners may look less professional, or if you resize downward, they might not be as clearly readable.

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    Ditto what Mark said, ask the AM for that merchant. The good ones will usually accomodate you if your request isn't to out of the ordinary.


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    Man, if it's against the rules, I'm a bad affiliate. I've been resizing them for years. A few merchants have sent me replacements, but I haven't had anyone say they're gonna drop me or anything.

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    I think at least 99% of merchants will have no problem with this. I got in the habit of doing it years ago when Norton (I think) was blocking banners in common affiliate sizes such as 468 x 60, 120 x 60, etc.
    Anyone know if they still do this? (Probably not)

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