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    Here's the latest.

    Andy, you've been silent way too long. If you are still associated with ECT as indicated in your sig, I think affiliates are due some explanation as to the series of issues with this program and their affiliate manager.

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    We were in closer relationship with ECT and the direction of the program while Mike Nunez was there, but since his departure JP has had to pick up allot of the missing pieces on the ECT account with limited information and help, making it very difficult for us to be more involved. Unfortunately ECT has gone through various changes in managment, making it extremely hard on JP and us to fully get back into action. This is in no way an excuse on the fact that the site is down through linkshare links but I thought I would elaborate on what we have ALL been experiencing.

    At this point, we are assiting JP somewhat and following his lead, based on his instructions and timeline, which also makes it difficult to detrmine a deadline or date in which things should normalize. We haven't wanted to remove ECT from our sig becuase JP has informed us that he wants ARC to continue to manage the program, but needs to iron things out before we can get fully involved once again. Not to mention, that JP has been working with ECT on trying to get everything switched over to SAS, which is another work in progress.

    We are going to be contacting JP tonight to find out what we can do to bring resolvement to some of these ongoing issues (commissions, site being down, etc).

    Again, we are sorry for this huge inconvience and we definitely dont like to see whats going on, but at the moment our hands are tied to a certain extent. Of course this is not a direct reflection on JP's efforts as we know that he's tried to get things back to normal but contiues to encounter issues and obstacles. Please be patient with ECT, again our apoligizes...
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