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    CJ Account Change
    When I signed up with CJ, I had my original website. Starting in Januray, I launched a new website with a similar purpose as the first, just done very differently. I added that new site as an additional website in CJ account mgmt. After 8 months, the new site is outperforming the old site by 10 to 1 or more.

    I would like to switch websites in CJ, making the new site the main website. My fear is that the last time I made changes to my account in CJ, every advertiser I had was put in pending while my website was re-evaluated.

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    We have very similar history, only it took me almost 10 other sites to figure out how to do one that actually makes money.

    I left the sites as-is in CJ for the same reason, and I haven't had it be an issue with regards to whether or not a merchant accepts me into their program. Most merchants put you on Manual Approve, and a quick follow up email to them usually ensures acceptance within a day or two.

    Also, I still have 11 merchants who have been in Pending state for quite a while... way back from when I first started the first site and applied to their programs. One by one I've been emailing them to let them know about my profitable site and explaining where I think their products would be a good fit, and one by one they've been approving me.

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    I've been asking CJ for YEARS to allow a potential affiliate to append a note before pressing the apply button.

    Don't wait up.

    Their system was originally designed with very basic banner serving to geocities pages in mind. They never really broke out of that mindset.

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    maybe create a 2nd cj account with the new site, then apply to all the places. Once they're all approved, switch the links over.

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