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    I'm a newbie getting ready to go live with a rewards type shopping portal. CJ "requires all publishers to obtain the permission of each advertiser before offering any incentive". Has anyone had to go through this process? Is it a formality or a real time consuming and difficult process?

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    Carefully read the terms and conditions of each merchant you would like to partner with.

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    Watch what you do, because merchants can pull commissions, and you'll still be stuck paying the users.
    Make sure all your agreements are reviewed by your lawyer in case you get in a pickle sometime.

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    I think there is a way you can do this easily, if you’ve not applied to any programs yet. From an advertiser’s perspective, anyway.
    Just fill out a detailed description of your incentive program in your “Special/
    Incentive Program” section. Then when you apply to an advertiser’s program, they will be advised to read it. When they go to approve you, they are prompted to acknowledge that they have read and agree to your terms, and must click a box to acknowledge they do in fact agree. Once you are approved, they can never say they were unaware of your program, as they have already agreed to it during the approval process.
    If this is a program update, I think there is a way to “reapply” to all your advertisers too, this time with the incentive description. But I’m not sure how that is done.

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