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    [2007] Shopping Cart for Affiliates
    Can anyone recommend shopping cart software that "blends" traditional functionality with Affiliate links? For example, a Buy Now button that goes to a traditional merchant account and a Buy Now button that passes off to the Affiliate Advertisers site.

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    If you are looking for API integration then a few merchants offer this such as Amazon etc. If you are looking at just a standard script whereby the customer clicks on a buy now button and is sent to the merchants web page for that product then there's plenty of scripts around that are available.

    API integration as standard will be the way forward. However it takes a leap of faith by merchants, many are unwilling to do this.
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    If you're just looking to have a "BUY NOW" link or button that goes to the merchants detail page that's pretty easy to do using standard HTML. If your goal is to automatically populate the merchant cart with the product see John's post above. Very few merchants will allow that type of integration.

    Here's what the link above would look like:

    <a href="" target="_blank">BUY

    Just use your affiliate link to that detail page (or mine if you prefer).

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