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    Domain Name Law Signed
    "Itís wrong, in my opinion, to buy up domain names reflecting the names of existing people or businesses with the intention of selling the names for a profit back to those persons or businesses."

    The law provides for a civil penalty of up to $1,000 for each day the violation occurs.

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    Sweet! It seems pretty clear about the illegality of registering URLs using peoples' names, but I don't quite follow if people can still grab company names. Also, I wonder if the cyber squatters sitting on these URLs right now are permanently grandfathered in or if it will be illegal for them to renew, sell, etc.

    I'm pretty libertarian and pro-capitalist, so maybe I'm a hypocrite for loving this new law....but I DO love it.

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    Point of law - proof it's their "intention" to sell the domain back to the trademark or name owner. That would mean in court and proven that was their intent.

    So you can still buy domains as such for other intentions.

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    And I'm looking into this, but I suspect the registering address has to be in New York for this to stick?
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