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    What are your favorite affiliates?
    Post some of your top affiliates.

    Mine are hosting along with Yahoo web hosting.

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    You mean affiliate programs (merchants, etc.), right? Mostly some of the SAS merchants, I try to stick with those.

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    I assume you actually intended to ask, "which are your best-performing merchants with affiliate programs?"

    Like most successful affiliates, I don't share information about my "best" merchants because I don't want to call other affiliates' attention to these merchants.

    I suppose this is somewhat unfair, since the result is that I only post negative information about merchants, but once I find a merchant that performs well, I don't want to hurry the erosion of my profits as other affiliates (especially PPC affiliates) add campaigns.

    I also don't want the parasites who monitor these discussions to identify and try to poach my commissions from my best merchants, especially those with independent/in-house affiliate programs.

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