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    Total noob question
    I'm new to Link Share and wanted to give my partner his own login. is this possible? if so where do I add him?

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    Here are the directions to add another user. Your new user will have access to all your reports, links, and join programs. The new user will not be able to make changes to your legal entity (payment info, address, and main contact).
    1. Log into your LinkShare account.
    2. Select Update Profile from the Your Account area.
    3. Scroll down to Master Contact and select New Contact.
    4. Complete the required fields in the New Contact Information.
    5. Hit Submit.

    You should see the new contact listed in the Channel Manager on the left. Make sure you go back down to the Master Contact area to make sure you are still listed as the Master Contact.


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    I see there is a field for an email address for the new contact. Will the new contact receive all Linkshare emails?

    My business partner and I have always accessed our Linkshare account through a single login. Since the account is in my name, I receive all of the emails and just forward a copy to him. It would be nice to use the additional contact feature just so he starts receiving the emails and then I won't have to forward them to him anymore.

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