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    Exclamation Google Adsense Removals
    Recently Google has removed hundreds of affiliates from adsense. Most of the affiliates think that Google remove if there is 100% hike in their commissions. any comment?

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    I would like to see some type of evidence what google did and why. Who are these affiliates? It's hard to make a judgement call with both eyes closed.

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    Most publishers GOOG removed were generating MFA (Made for Adsense Websites) - hence the removal, the process started about a couple months ago. Good to see google is actually keeping it's promise.
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    A smart Adwords customer will place MFA and other worthless Google adsense clicktraps on their Banned URL list. Google staff reviews these and keeps a database across their Adwords customers. Too many flagging the same domain and it's personal Google review time.
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    I believe many affilates were removed due to their use of generating traffic from traffic networks. As you all know, Adsense now has a CPM component to generating revenue, so now they'd be paying commissions on traffic generated from a Google Adsense prohibited practice.
    In the past when they were solely a CPC platform I don't think they cared as much.

    What are your thoughts.

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