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    Recruiting New Affiliates?
    I'm trying to make the transition from super affiliate to affiliate manager,
    and I'm finding it to be a bit of a challenge. I've been an affiliate within
    the casino industry for over 5 years, and I know what affiliates want
    in the casino industry, but I'm finding it difficult to recruit new affiliates
    to sell my affiliate marketing e-book. I've tested the sales page, and the
    product converts extremely well through Google Adwords, but it's
    hard to find affiliates that are able and willing to begin promoting it.

    (edited out spam)

    Any feedback from vendors or affiliates would be greatly appreciated. I can
    easily sell this product on my own, but the whole point of listing the e-book
    with ClickBank is to take advantage of the huge database of affiliates
    that would be willing to promote a quality product for a huge commission.
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    If you want to advertise:

    Probably have a better chance on a forum site dedicated to Clickbank that has mostly Clickbankers. Doesn't normally do to well here, more mainstream affiliate marketing.

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    Would you know any good Clickbank Forums?
    Would you know any good Clickbank Forums? I just joined it and really would like to learn more. I also got Affiliate Den or Affiliate Site X and I am really iffy on that.

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