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    Man Oh Man!

    Okay - Here's the story. I created a new site about a week ago and immediately started directing traffic via Pay Per Click (about $10 to $20 a day's worth). So far my sales aren't so hot so I adjusted some things on the site tonight which should help.

    However - I found one thing on my site that definitely wasn't helping. Instead of hyperlinking people to the home page of my site - I was redirecting people to a competitors .tv domain name instead of my domain which is a .biz ("tv" is in my domain name).

    Haaaaa!!!!!!! I bet they were getting a big kick out of the free traffic and sales they were getting because of my stupidity! Oh well - Live and Learn.

    Larry Wentz

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    January 17th, 2005

    I applaud you for the willingness to share... I woudlnt have

    That is pretty funny, though

    Better luck next time...

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    Lmao Larry,

    Thanks for sharing that. Jeeeesh, I'm surprised the other site owner didn't email you to tell you about your mistake, lmao.

    FWIW, I ran off over 100 business cards on my printer before I found that the site I put on the card was .com when it should of been .info.

    My really big mistake was when I got a good listing for a page. I had mispelled a word in the title (not trying to). The problem with the mispelling is the way it came out is one of the nastiest words around. I couldn't figure out why I wasn't getting any traffic until a good samaritan emailed me about the listing. Luckily it was just in MSN near the top and not in Google where it would of been there for the whole month.

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    Now that is funny!!
    Sounds like something I would do.

    The greatest oak was once a little nut who held its ground

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