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    Phone Tracking with CJ merchants?
    Are there any CJ merchants that currently have phone tracking set up? i.e., a system by which a code (usually the affiliate's ID) is automatically generated on the merchant's web pages which have their toll free number listed, so that affiliates can get paid for phone-based sales that were originally referred by an affiliate link. Does CJ provide a means for setting this type of tracking up, or is it entirely up to the merchant to do this? Since obviously these sales would be credited manually, a merchant that is not already set up for "batch processing" of transactions (most CJ merchants are not) would have to have some means of entering them into the system or contacting CJ to do that.

    ShareASale can provide help to its own merchants with setting this up, as I understand it. How about CJ? I have a CJ merchant that I just joined and contacted the AM about their big phone number "leak" on all their web pages. She seemed receptive to setting up phone tracking but I'm not able to steer her in the right direction until I know the options for CJers. Thanks!

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    Anyone? Bueller?

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    Recently I evaluated some solutions for this including the method you described. I decided to go with a custom system that goes like this:

    1. Customer visits site via affiliate link and calls 1-800 #
    2. Cusomter places order over phone
    3. Email is sent to customer with a link to retrieve confirmation/receipt
    4. Customer visits confirmation page with conversion tracking
    5. Affiliate gets credit for the sale

    I created a simple form for the call center agents to use and it even saves them time by automatically generating the confirmation email for them.

    Whether or not its the best solution for you, it is an option to consider.

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    ShoppersChoice is one but see my post at:

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    Does CJ itself have a solution for this that can be added to the merchant's tracking system as it integrates with CJ, or do the merchants have to come up with their own? Thanks for the suggestions so far. VolareMedia's method is actually pretty intriguing, as long as the merchant *requires* that the customer visits the confirmation page before the order will actually ship.

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