According to the COC, a followup meeting was scheduled for today. Any news of this as happening or not?

Also, the COC has the following section regarding interference. I can only guess the fact that Haiko's proposal and it's apparent acceptance by Ebates only concludes one thing.
You can read it and draw your own conclusions to what the conclusion is.

Interference with referrals. No Web publisher (“Publisher”) or software download
technology provider (“Technology Provider”) may interfere with or seek to influence
improperly the referral of a potential customer or visitor (“End-User”) to the Web site of
an online advertiser (“Advertiser”). No Publisher or Technology Provider will
automatically replace or alter any component of a Service Provider’s technology that
results in a reduction of any compensation earned by another Publisher. For example, a
Publisher or Technology Provider may not use methods or technology to automatically
replace a Service Provider’s tracking identifier of another Publisher with its own Service
Provider’s tracking identifier or otherwise intercept or redirect an End-User from being
referred by another Publisher