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    Best Learning Source for PHP, mySQL??
    I am planning on teaching myself PHP and mySQL. I am wondering if anyone knows a good online resource to learn or if just buying the oreilly book and reading through it would be the best way

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    I'm sure others will get on here to post other favorites, but I taught myself PHP and MySQL almost entirely from If you start with the PHP lessons at w3schools, they eventually lead you right into the necessary MySQL stuff.

    And.... best of all... it's totally free.
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    Thanks for listing that site... there is some good stuff there.

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    Best way to learn is by doing and just "google <topic>" when your stuck on a problem. I learn a lot by trial and error. If you have specific questions about php/mysql, please do post them and I am sure someone can give you a good answer.

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    5,468 has several relevant courses, several of which, I believe are starting within the next day or so.
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    Here is another great site that just about covers it all.
    Don't remember how I found it tho.

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    Wow. I have to check out these sources.
    I'd like to thank everyone for the advice
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