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    Cpays Casino is Cheater
    Jul 4th 2007 after registration on man, his name is James called me. He introduce to me as account manager and he was extremly pleasant. After short talking, he asked me , do i have some preposition , how we can to cooperate including that i have many sites, and sites are very accustomed. i offer him ad space and he told me that i can hold in my signatures on my forum. He will pay me $100 for each webmaster, which is registered via my reff url, was he active or not. If i provide him 10 webmaster he will pay me $1000 from himself, if i remove my signatures. We were talking via ICQ tommorow july 5th 2007. and he asked me, how i wish to pay me, whether wire transfer or moneybookers, and i answered him and sent my information for wire transfer. Payday was july 7th 2007. When that day happened James (james AT or james AT is start to ignore me, and he didn't call me never again. After everything i found across google next ankle:
    There is more ankles about cpays and theirs affiliate program.

    I would like to appeal on my colleagues that stay back so far from that casino, and that cheater James. only what i can say is that shame on theemselves.
    From this moment i will look forward money and signatory contract from every company.
    All logs of our talk i have saved as and email which i sent them.
    I wish to thanks all my colleagues on support and to make public this text on their sites. We must hold together!!!

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    So what's the difference if a casino fraudster ripps you off like they do to all those victims you send their way to gamble. You took a roll of the dice and lost.
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    After i'm started anticampaign on a few forum including this forum, man from Adgency who is owner of Cpays casino contact me. I have to say that person was very fair, and detailed analysis is fixed that i was a victim of theirs account manager. He have deal with me, with out of theirs company rules. He is confessed what he done, because I have support of the most popular wordl's net work, webmasters which are known in world of mainstream industry. I got one big apologize and money on my bank account. I can say that behind theirs casino stayed honest team. That is reason why i will continue to promote theirs casinos and earn from each surfer wich is registered as paid player. I'm honored because we are partners. Smart people make partnership, but bad people make enemies. I wish to thank's all of you for help and i'm a glad to cooperate with you in the future.
    yours colleague and partner, Marko!!!

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    Like any other vertical, there are good casinos and bad ones.

    As in almost any other company, there may be a few rotten apples in even the best company.

    I used to work at one of the online casions that they bought, so I am inclined to believe that it was a specific person's "mistake" and not the company trying to cheat you.

    Glad it worked out for you.

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