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    Should I keep them or drop them and move on?
    Late last week, I started a test PPC affiliate campaign for a well known merchant. brand. This particular merchant has many brick and mortar retail outlets across American. They sell many different product.

    The keywords were narrowly focused. into one the main adgroup. All keywords were of the type:
    " coupons" and " discount code" or a variation of these.

    The landing page was from a Wordpress blog. It first list the current coupons, and specials for this merchant. Then its presells the customer by listing the features and benefits to the potential customer.

    Over the coarse of 3 days over 130 clicks with over 1600 impressions were generated by my ads. But I made zero affiliates and hemorrhaged over $30.00. Needless to say I quickly paused the campaign.

    The landing page, in my humble opinion, was made well enough to get at least a token sale inspire of itself. But I made zero sales. Now I'm trying to figure out why.

    Here are my theory:

    Since this merchant is a well known national brand with nation wide brick and mortar retail stores, most online searches for this merchant's coupons are from people who intend to shop at the offline store. They were merely searching the net for a coupon or code to give them savings at the offline store. If that was the case then they were not truly a potential customer because they did not intend to by anything online.

    There seems to be some evidence to this based on this marketing article:

    Now I have to decide whether or not to continue promoting this merchant.

    Based on the facts I told you so far, if you were in my shoes, why you continue to promote or not promote this merchant?

    This merchant has thousands of different products to sale may be I should researched and choose one of them to promote?

    Can a general conclusion been drawn about using PPC to promote merchants with a national offline presence? Can we conclude that these merchants make less than idea merchants to promote since many clickers are using the internet for research with no intention of ever buying anything online
    Is it a best practice to stick with merchants that are almost entirely online so there is less likely that people will finally make their purchase offline.

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    97.ct- 3 days over 130 clicks with over 1600 impressions
    1- It's not enough data to draw any conclusion.
    2-You're targeting "Merchant Coupons" like too many predators. Why do you think your ad is better than people who did that for years with million of clicks to backup their choice of words?
    3-People are researching on the web and buying offline in their favorite shops. What's wrong with that? That's part of the competition. The same people visit malls on Sunday to check the prices and buy online on Monday from their office. You have to be better if you don't want your visitors to leave your site.
    4-Who said Affiliate marketing was easy? Who told you you should have a sale if you spend $30 in AdWords?

    Most merchants have an offline presence, most big brands, a few exceptions like Dell and affiliates are making money online with them.
    $30 is just a small price to pay to learn the ropes.

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    It was advised on this thread that several hundred clicks are a better sample size before making conclusions:

    I hear ya though - it's frustrating to spend time and money, get what seems like tons of clicks, but see no sales.

    You might also benefit from reading the Affiliate Masters Course, which discusses the difference between selling and pre-selling (it's helped me a lot):

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