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    Question Filters
    Good morning. I have set up my filters so it only browses our stores and not all available mercants, but it isnt working. If I use my filter, I get no product matches, but if I use the No Filter default, it finds matches in the stores I have in my filter.

    Anyone else having this trouble or is it user error? :-)

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    I need a filter lesson too!

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    Hi all,
    Could you please send this to It sounds like you have encountered a bug. When you do send the bug, please let us know what shops specifically you have in your filter and what keyword you used (maybe a screenshot would be the easiest way to communicate that?)

    We have a ticket system now in place to track bugs and you can get quicker response than posting in the forum. Our devs are automatically e-mailed when a ticket is created and we can track whether or not the issue has been resolved.

    Thanks! (And sorry for the trouble....)


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    Hi Windkd,

    It does sound like a bug. Filters should run like this. You click on the "Filters" button > then click on the Add button > You can then via a system of check boxes either choose to only grab merchants from specific networks OR choose to select on specific merchants.

    For example I could setup a camping filter by selecting Backcountry, Moosejaw, Sierra Trading Post, BentGear. My display is then set only for those merchants in the filter. Even though the merchants in my example are on three different networks I can still, with the Filter ON, search for term "tents". The results bring back tents only from those four merchants.

    Note: Our search is mostly product title based so if you are searching for products you know a merchant has but the merchant has not included the keyword in their tags it will not come up even on a filtered search.
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    It's working now!
    Angel, thank you for the help. I am not sure what was going on back when I posted this, but I (finally) just went in to try again and now it is working great. I had tried several times prior to posting and always got no products found, yet knew I could find them using the same keywords without the filters.

    I have since upgraded my account, but I doubt that had anything to do with it working.

    Thank you again for your help and for your great product!
    My only wish now is for a Search feature :-)

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