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    I founud this article :

    The highly controversial, and surprisingly long lived, file swapping program Kazaa recently released version 2.0. The new version of the program allows users to search for web pages as well as digital files. In conjunction with this new feature, Kazaa has begun selling keywords to merchants who want to be prominently displayed in the search results. While Kazaa is a program installed on the users computer and not easily tracked by conventional methods, with a reported 100 million plus downloads, the company could prove to be a player in the paid search listings arena. Additionally, Tiscali, an Italian ISP, has signed a cost-per-acquisition deal with Kazaa under which Kazaa will receive a bounty for signing new users to the ISP.



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    Yah..think this got posted on one of the parasiteware forums before, but, good find, something else to keep in mind... ugh.

    Who would want to PPC for advertising on a network of people who just want free music, pron,and movies..and are laden with parasites? hmm...

    The Newer Nicer Joseph

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