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    Amazing AdWords.
    Short story shorter, 4 days ago I created a new ad campaign. Then I went to Google, searched for my best keyword and found my ad too far from the first page. Raised it to 72 cents per click (not a magic number, just a number), found my ad on page #3, and then I clicked on it. Then I waited for Google to report that click and the real cost.
    Then I saw 1 click, but... for a different keyword! So I thought somebody else clicked on my ad, while searching for the other keyword. In an hour I paused the ad and waited some more. 2 days layer my stats didn't change, same one click. So I check in my Apache log and yes I see the only click that came from Google, and it was the keyword I thought I was searching on, but Google never reported a click on that keyword, but a click on the other! No other clicks in the log, there was nobody else clicking on my ad but me.
    So, I clicked on my ad while searching for one keyword, but got charged for a click from a search for a different keyword! Amazing!

    P.S. The CPC was the same for all words in that campaign. Maybe that is why Google didn't bother to report it correctly? Beats me.

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    have you mailed to Google for an answer?
    Perhaps they can check what's wrong with your adword.
    I am also curious about the message Google will reply to you.

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