I just posted a new page to my site, listing recommended web sites. I know enough about my site to fairly certain that this page will quickly become one of the most popular pages on the web site.

I'll post the url below. What I'm looking for are suggestions and tips on how to maximize the amount of sales generated from this page. I'm wide open to suggestions, including building additional pages off of this one. The page is a few hours old, so even the title is open for change.

In short, this is everyone's chance to be creative and even test something out my site, before putting it on yours. I am more than willing to make this an ongoing thread and provide feedback on what works and doesn't work.

The page url is:

NetSweat is a fitness portal. The site caters to people who are either athletic, interested in weight loss, or looking to live a healthier lifestyle.

If you want to email me directly, click on my handle.

Thanks in advance.

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