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    Publishers, take the power back...
    I dunno if it was getting screwed one too many times by advertisers, or listening to too much Rage Against the Machine today. But I've been really frustrated lately with merchants who decide to terminate our relationship (even after generating tens of thousands of dollars worth of sales for them), or who decide to screw me out of commissions I've rightfully earned.

    I would love to see a resource similar to, epinions, etc., except specifically geared towards publishers. What I would envision is a site where publishers could write reviews about advertisers and networks. They could share their experiences and provide ratings of those merchants based on events that have happened. I know abestweb provides this with forums, and I'm extremely appreciative of that. I couldn't function without it. But if there was a more formalized process for tracking issues and relationships between advertisers, publishers, and networks, it could be extremely valuable to all of us.

    If anyone has any interest in pursuing this, I would love to help however I can, but I just don't have the resources or bandwidth right now to dedicate towards it. All I know is, I've gotten screwed BIGTIME--TWICE--in the last month, and it makes me wonder if it's even worth continuing in this line of work sometimes.

    The most frustrating part is, as publishers, we are completely at the mercy of advertisers and networks. If they decide to drop us, take away our commissions, or whatever, we have no recourse. This would give us back some leverage and create a more ethical environment for all of us--especially those that do honest work and just want to put food on our tables and roofs over our head.

    Just my $0.02.


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    I re-read my post, and just want to add that 95% of the merchants I deal with are actually a pleasure to work with. The same can be said for the networks. It's just a few bad apples in the bunch that have frustrated me and made me question what I'm doing. I think that's probably true for any industry for that matter, or even just life in general, as there's always ethical concerns and people who will step on whoever to get what they want.

    My intent in posting this is to find a way to help the good apples propagate to the top, while letting the bad apples sour at the bottom of the barrel. I wouldn't even mind if a similar system was used to exploit bad publishers, because we all know that hurts the rest of us as well. The more we can do to clean up the system, the better. I think there's plenty of money in online advertising and/or retail, so there's no reason for people to step on each other.

    Anyway, I just wanted to add this note to show that I'm truly appreciative of the relationships I have in the industry, including advertisers, publishers, and networks, and I certainly didn't intend to come off as anti-advertiser or anything like that. I just want some recourse when something is blatantly unacceptable and unethical, and I think 95% of the people out there would agree.

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