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    'The Next Internet Millionaire' Show
    Some people may actually like it, but I really thinks this should go into the daily chuckle:

    It's a pathetic attempt to blend 'The Apprentice' with 'Survivor' with an internet marketing theme, hosted by a guy who is so full of himself it can make one

    The winner gets to be the hosts new JV partner - wow!!! He/she also gets $25k, cheap considering it comes from a guy who himself made 'many millions' from the internet.

    The guy who pointed me to this thought it was an elaborate viral joke, but I think this is supposed to be for real. If you're a seasoned affiliate you'll find this funny at best, if you're a beginner you'll be completely confused - so take this whole think with a pinch of salt!
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    This is classic MLM but instead of doing it at a hotel they use the Internet.

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    OK, I couldn't get past the first few minutes. I kept wondering why the one guy was carrying a stuffed monkey, but I really don't want to know. If this is for real, the only thing I can say is "der go da neighborhood".

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    Oh its real! I have been waiting for it for weeks ( they have an affiliate program also.)

    The first three minutes sucked but I watched the whole thing, it wasn't that bad. I even came up with a site idea from watching it so it was worth it.
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    I can't believe no one here knows who Joel is! He has been online for eons. I think if anything, there may be good info from the shows, if you can bear watching. And if Vinny got an idea already? You might be more open to watching the show and dealing with the things you don't like, while taking out what you can to better your own businesses

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    watched the whole thing. It's a low cost production and it is apparent when they were at decision table. ply wood back ground

    not a bad show but not the worst..

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