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    I am wondering if directories listing hundreds of affiliate programs are still enjoying the popularity of the days past. I have hand-submitted our affiliate program to a dozen or two of those, but they send no or little webmaster traffic At this point I am wondering if it's at all worth submitting affiliate programs to such directories. Also, anyone's experience w/ Affiliate Announce is welcome.

    Any thoughts?


    Vlad Lysik

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    You may not see traffic from the directory itself, but you might see an increase in search engine traffic.

    My content sites get about 2.5% of their overall traffic from DMOZ, but I rank well in search engines because of the link.

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    I think submitting to as many affiliate directories as possible is a good idea. I have been handling the marketing efforts at and submitted to a "bunch" of directories and know it has helped though little traffic occurs from them. However, that "little traffic" is "targeted traffic". I also have found that a couple of the affiliate directory owners have been productive as affiliates themselves by producing a few sales and leading to other productive affiliates. You really need to go throught the process if you have an affiliate program.

    I have a pretty extensive list of affiliate directories listed at that will help in your submittal efforts if you do it yourself.

    Larry Wentz

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