Hi all !

My networks administration team has decided to give out 85% of earnings to all forum members by means of comissions when we receive profits from the sales we make. Since we are affiliated with 17 different affiliates and our aim is 40-50 of them, its obviously going to take some time to put up but heres the deal; we want an affiliate program, and a refferal program on multi levels so that your posts earn you shares based on how long they are, and you get 15% of level 1 refferal posts, 13% for level 2, 11$ for level 3, etc etc etc

I need help making this network huge and really want to dedicate 85% of earnings from the entire network to the members for their contributions in the forum. We feel like limiting the amount of people who will have that deal to 2500 members as we feel this is more than enough to put up a huge network for now. Then when we are profitable and huge we could change to salary for workers instead of shares, so that the original members also have the only shares available. This must be viral and include the best things I can have, and desperatly need your help to make this happen.