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    First let me tell that I am a business man and I do not join the list because of business decissions. I do not know everything on that deal and to jump into such a highly risky matter is not a good business decission. Another thing is that everybody who is signing in to this list makes parasites legal.
    I am going to send a declaration to ebates with which you could find here:

    This declaration is according to declaration for spammers. I do not know if I can get any legal issues from that, but I will figure that out with my lawyer.


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    Good information,

    pls let us know what you find out with your lawyer!

    This issue is really getting out of hand and the legality need to be inforce in this issue and We all know that it's not hard to understand that we are working in our own site and have an aggreement to Networks and Merchants!

    And to know openly that we are being robbed and not have anyone (Merchants and Networks) stand by us who provide value in their business is being round around and trying their best to make us fold on this issue is really amazing!

    I feel that this issue is the open door for us to fight in legal way!

    How to start is another question but time will tell!

    Thanks again for the info!

    Love Life to the fullest. we only get ONE chance! :-)

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    The very idea that you have to insert AffSrc=1 or submit your domains to a list is an admission of past thefts by parasites.

    I think I need to find that Detector javascript that was posted on the Amazon associates board.

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