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    Spam Filters Are Going to Kill Us
    Last fall, I realized I was no longer receiving any email from BeFree. I had been using my primary business email address in my BeFree profile for years so I changed my profile to list my Hotmail address. Everything was fine until last week when I had a message on the front page in my BeFree account that my email address wasn't valid. Yes, it's valid but apparently their emails are bouncing again. So I changed it again, this time to my personal email address at my ISP.

    Today, I sent a followup email to an affiliate manager from my primary business email address. I just received a reply that her response bounced. Fortunately, she had my personal email address so she was able to contact me.

    I then sent a test message to my primary business email address from my Hotmail account. It bounced! I am receiving emails from some people at my primary email address. I've received several today from Linkshare and others.

    ISPs need to do a better job with their spam filters. Longstanding relationships can be ruined by this.

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    There are always two sides to every issue.

    I just received an email from a prospective client, with the subject line containing only the word "Misc" -- and I'm actually amazed that it did NOT trigger a spam filter. I'm actually not sure why I even opened the email; I delete a dozen such "vague subject" emails unread every day.

    Spam filtering is a "triage" activity -- I want my ISP's spam filters to be "over-inclusive" instead of "under-inclusive," and similarly I create my own client-side spam filters to be "over-inclusive," and when I am manually scanning through the 100 new emails that actually filter into my "general inbox," I am happy to be over-inclusive in hitting the delete key.

    I do have some "saves" in my spam-filtering system. One of them is keyed to the names of the affiliate networks I work with. As a result, many emails that contains the word "shareasale" will normally be accepted and filtered into one of my ShareASale email folders, even if it otherwise would have triggered one of my spam filters. Even so, at least one or two such emails fall into my spam folders each day, and I only bother to rescue them about half of the time. I have some ShareASale merchants who send me emails that don't include the word "ShareASale" (which means they aren't sending them through the SAS interface) and most of these fall into the spam folder, and I only rescue those about 10% of the time.

    E-mail is absolutely, positively NOT an "assured-delivery" mode of communication.

    Since spam-filtering can ONLY work if it is somewhat over-inclusive, it will always filter out some legitimate emails. It isn't the spam-filters that are killing us -- it is the SPAMMERS who are killing the utility of email as a communication tool.

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    I always use an address connected to one of my domains--I have full control over which spam filters are active that way, along with how sensitive to make the filter, and I have control of what happens to the flagged spams. I direct my spams to a spam folder rather than auto-delete. Even that makes it easier than going through a mixed bag of spam/nonspam, by a surprising amount.

    Personally I'd rather have a few (emphasis on FEW!) spams slip by than have good emails end up deleted. But ideally, all filters would work 100% correctly!
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    Another option is to use Gmail email accounts, since messages are "archived" instead of deleted, you can always search and sort at any time, and never miss an important message. :-)

    Vendors/website owners alike will want to make the personalized RSS shift soon, so their affiliates can have 100% delivery of their messages, and SPAM filters will no longer be an issue for legitimate contact.

    Moving Forward!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leader
    I always use an address connected to one of my domains--I have full control over which spam filters are active that way...
    Unless you're using GoDaddy's crap mail service. They have a layer of filters that you cannot turn off, and it's a giant pain. I first ran into it when they were blocking Yahoo/Overture emails and after running around with phone support found that there was nothing I could do but switch my email at Yahoo.

    They also block my own emails, which is really annoying. I try sending a URL of a questionable affiliate site to a co-worker and GoDaddy blocks it on the way out the door, I use a phrase like "...pick up my ion at the pharmacy just down from the Indian casino across from the adult shop" and GoDaddy blocks it.

    I'm with Snowman. Spam filters are becoming a bigger pain than spam!

    I got a new account at CleanItSupply as part of my new OPM role there and the first thing I received was a notice to go check my quarantine at Postini. This morning another reminder to check the quarantine (which I thought I had turned off). I'd rather click delete than have to login to some web interface!

    SPAM filters have run completely amok. Send a customer a receipt and get a request to fill out some email authorization page. Send an affiliate update and get 30 of the same! Try to send tracking numbers and enjoy all the phone calls asking for tracking numbers.

    Filters aren't cutting it. We really need some international cooperation to eliminate the spam havens, but that's about as likely as finding election records in Ohio...

    Eathan Mertz

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    I agree that using your own domain doesn't always protect you, regardless of your settings.

    Early yesterday morning, I had a message in my Linkshare account when I logged in that I had an invalid email address so the problem hit Linkshare emails about 12 hours after it hit the ones I originally commented about.

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