Is there an easy way? Running a deal site, I have to build hundreds of links a month. With deep linking, I've managed to write some scripts that allow me to build links on the fly. But that only works for a subset of my vendors, and requires constant monitoring to make sure the method I was using still works.

What are some of you doing, particularly those that build as many links as I do a month? Certainly emails with links included, rss feeds, etc. help, but often I'm drilling down through a site to find their clearance items and other discounted merchandise. Many times these aren't available via rss feed.

I'm asking because I just recently got burned on a significant commission check with a major merchant of mine, because I didn't have a promotional code in my URL and a bunch of my orders were cancelled. I want to avoid this, but I also don't want to spend countless hours searching product lists through Linkshare, CJ, Performics, etc, because that's too slow for me.