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    Question Website Creation Software
    New to affiliate marketing. Have purchased several manuals and done a lot of reading. There are two online sites mentioned for web site creation. One is Sitebuilder and the other is Fast Creative. Has anyone had any experience with these and any recommendations if this is the way to go and which one offers the best solution?? Thank you for your help.

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    Never heard of Fast Creative, but I've heard of Site Builder. Can't really say much on either. If you're looking for desktop software to give you some real site customization/creation, check out information on products called DreamWeaver and MS FrontPage. Both are pretty good at guiding you in the development of a site (I prefer DreamWeaver, but many swear by FrontPage as well).

    edit: by the way, I forgot to mention that a lot of your more popular webhosts also provide a simple, or basic, site creation wizard as one of their features. Just another option.

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    I prefer Dreamweaver...which is expensive, or NVU which is free. I am not a fan of Frontpage.

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    If you use Photoshop, there's a plug-in called Site Grinder (from a company called Media Lab. Cost ranges from $100-200 or so. You "tag" different Photoshop layers with "hints" (i.e. is it a graphic, text, a scrolling text box, a form, a new page, etc.) and then Site Grinder can build a working HTML website. The coding isn't super, but it gets the job done. It works well for me when the need is to create a decent looking website quickly (assuming, of course, you're comfortable using Photoshop). They have a pretty decent online demo / video on their website too.

    I like it because I know 0% about HTML coding but it makes it pretty easy to put up a new site quickly. You can also find or buy a template & easily change it / customize it. I think it's a lot easier than programs like Dreamweaver, Expression Web, or Fireworks... but you have to have/know/like Photoshop (which is, itself, expensive if you don't have it).

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    Depending on what you want for your site content, you can also consider Wordpress or similar free/low-cost software.
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    Wordpress is an excellent resource to use. Lots of free plug ins. Tons of well done sites out there. SE's seem to love the structure of well built Wordpress sites too.

    Looks like a blog builder at first but it can do much much more.
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    I used to use site builder back in the day. It actually is not half bad.

    It has a great shopping cart and it if you know what you're doing after awhile, you can tweek it fairly easily.

    The drawback is that it can be a tad on the expensive side. I recommend it for someone that wants to get moving while they learn about building sites with a program like dreamweaver.
    Good luck

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