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    And how can it be useful?


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    Take off eh?
    Hi Netsu,
    not to be rude or anything, but I would recomend you do a search for product feed or data feed on the boards here.
    You will find Lots of discussions on it and they will help you get up to speed.
    Also, for some more info, there is a thread on ABW here Datafeed Thread that is devoted to the topic.
    Hope that helps

    Game on!!!!

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    Hi popdawg

    Thanks for replying, I don't think you were rude.

    I did a search on datafeeds, but all I found was
    discussions on how implement them and such (Edit: to be honest, the posts I read confused me quite a bit ), but I found nothing about what they are

    Maybe I didn't look enough.

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    I'm as clueless as you are. I simply didn't have time to deal with that yet though there are a lot of discussions about datafeed. But I want to know my options, so I used "Ask a Question" at CJ this morning, and the reply is posted below. I haven't read the PDF yet, but perhaps it will answer some of your questions.

    + + Reply from CJ + +

    We have received your request to enable Product Data functionality for your Commission Junction account.

    In order for us to integrate Product Data functionality for your Commission Junction publisher account free of charge, the account must have earned $10,000 in revenue for one month within our network. If you do not meet this criteria, a $200 one-time set-up fee will be required for access. From now through the end of March 2003, Commission Junction will waive this initial set-up charge. This integration fee is applied for the initial implementation of Product Catalog data transfer functionality and will be charged at the end of March 2003 if the $10,000 criteria is not achieved. If you are no longer interested in this additional functionality simply do not respond to this email.

    However, if you are interested in continuing, please review the documentation downloadable below, it has the new format of the Product Data File:

    Scheduled Data Transfer Guide - Product Data Feed for Publishers

    In addition please answer, as best you can, the questions listed below:

    1- In which format would you like to receive your data? Choose from one of the following: TAB : CSV : PIPE : XML : EXCEL formats.

    2- Which method of transfer would you like to use to receive your product data? Choose from one of the following: CJ FTP (you access to our FTP servers) : Client FTP (we access to your FTP servers to push the file(s)) w/ any login and password information needed for access : HTTP (you access our HTTP Web servers).

    3-Due to the potential size of your feed, it is recommended that you limit your feed to your top five (5) Advertisers. Limiting your Advertisers is recommended, but not required. If you would like to limit your feed size please let us know which five (5) Advertisers you would consider are your strongest revenue generators?

    Once we receive the answers to the questions above we will enable your account to receive product data and send you technical documentation that will assist your technical team in integrating this functionality. In order to answer the questions above simply respond to this email.

    To update this incident via email, you MUST reply to this specific email and address the reply to NOTE THAT THIS ADDRESS IS NOT THE DEFAULT ADDRESS. In the reply to message, scroll to the end and enter your reply in the space provided. Text entered into any other part of this message will be discarded. . Your request will be processed within 72 hours.

    Sincerely Yours,

    Client Services
    -C O M M I S S I O N J U N C T I O N I N C.-
    -The Largest Pay-For-Performance Ad Network

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    Thank you so much for sharing that, AT

    It sure helped to answer most of my questions!

    Now I think I can make more sense of the posts in the datafeed forum (which were like Greek to me)

    Again, thank you

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