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    Promoting of Clickbank products through free classified sites

    I am new to Internet Marketing. I would like to know whether Clickbank products
    can be promoted thru advertising in free classified sites. I would appreciate if
    other experienced members would share their experiances .

    Thanks in advance.

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    You should ask ClickBank for their view on this. However, most successful "free classifieds" sites, including, prohibit posting of affiliate links. Most of the "classifieds" sites that permit affiliate links are "garbage" sites littered with spam and with no meaningful valid traffic.

    The same is true for most discussion forums.

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    Ouch Mark! That hurts!

    But he is not all wrong. You will find a lot of Clickbank ads on classifieds sites. Are they there because they work or because they are easy? It is hard to tell. I have posted some Clickbank ads through our own site and not done all that well. But I can always see lots of people coming to our site to post the ads.

    As with any classified, you can't just post the text they give you and hope someone copies and pastes your Clickbank url into their browser. If you can post HTML, make a nice page with information and clickable links. That makes a huge difference. If you can't post HTML, then you really want to get them to your site and then send them to clickbank. You need a value proposition to get people to browse from classifieds sites. Most are expecting to find something and email the seller, not go clicking around and find themselves in an unexpected place. If they will be clicking through, make sure they expect it and you will get better results.
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    I tend to agree with Mark. For many classified sites, it'll be considered spam. For the others, it'll probably be ineffective. In addition, most networks restrict putting your affiliate links on a site that isn't your own.

    IMHO, your time would be much better spent working on other more legitimate things.

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    Focus on legitimate marketing, no spamming. That's where the real money is.

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    While posting aff links is looked down upon, the method is actually quite lucrative if you obide by the rules. SELL YOUR OWN PRODUCT - then a) it isn't spam b) you hopefully have a great product that you stand behind and support not just try to monetize with templates c) Will not get flagged or bumped as much.

    Furthermore, If you are selling for others, it may prove effective to utilize a broad reach of your marketing arsenal. If you're going through the touble of making free ads/craigslist posts - you might as well be submitting some great lead generation articles with great calls to action at all the article sites. Back to the above posts though - many aff marketeres utilize any free/sneaky tactic they can - chances are you read a LOT more aff offers than real content on the web everyday.

    Best of luck to you. Remember, quality content pushing quality product in a quality controlled environment to make your visitor more likely to respond to your offer.


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    It's not been explicitly mentioned, but what's frowned upon or doesn't work as well anymore is using direct linking or a masked link to the clickbank product.

    If you drive traffic to a landing page, prefably a content site.
    Eg: an introduction to gardening, and include in your recommendations to gardening products you have used and recommend, you might see conversion rates at the 10-20% level, instead of the sub 1% conversions you'd get with the classified - affiliate link spamming method (or article/classified marketing 1.0 in my book...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by AdJumpCM
    Focus on legitimate marketing, no spamming. That's where the real money is.
    could you define what you mean by legitimate marketing? thanks.

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