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    Will hit shows on Returning Customers
    I understand that the cookie will be set on the customers computer once they click from our site to the merchant site.

    If the return days is 60 days and at anytime if the customers were to return within the period either through bookmark, direct from the merchant sites or from any other source other then affiliate sites, will it show any hit at the sas report?

    I test click from my site links to the merchant site and it shows the hit at the sas report. This should set the cookie on my computer and when I click on the same merchant site through the SE the nest week which is within the return days cookie setting, there is no hit shown on the sas report.

    Should it shows the hit when return customers come back through other sources and not from my site or only upon confirm purchase?


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    No, it won't record any subsequent clicks because you aren't clicking on anything. If the customer were to come back to your site within 60 days and click again on the same affiliate link that would initiate another click and show in your SaS stats.

    But simply visiting the merchant's site after they've been cookied will not record another click. However, subsequent sales will of course be recorded.

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