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    Rovion, Webouts, and "Streaming Video People"
    Good morning... has anyone had experience with technologies like Rovion or Webouts? I think they're referred to as "sprites"? Essentially, they give you the ability to record a video stream of a real person and have that person "appear" on certain pages & "talk" to your site visitors.

    I generally hate that kind of "annoying-ware" technology, but some of the examples they give seem interesting. Someone popping up when you go to to tell you about a new holiday cookbook when you went there to get buy a DVD is annoying. But Salesfore dot com, for example, uses it for some online demos / tutorials and it's pretty tastefully integrated. You can also shut it off if you don't like it.

    Both companies have some good data / case studies on how the use of "sprites" has been able to improve conversions. I go back & forth... still not convinced.

    Any thoughts? Experience as a merchant using it? Experience as an affiliate with merchants who use it?

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    Hi Janus,

    I've used this tactic selling my info products, and it's nothing
    short of amazing. Through split-testing, I've concluded that
    this video effect, (Also known as "transparent video effect"),
    is one of the highest converting of all.

    I've used in on subscription pages to tell people what my
    newsletter is about, and what they can expect to get from
    me each week. My subscription to display ratio TRIPLED!
    (actually MORE than tripled).

    I've used in on affiliate sites, right over merchant websites
    to explain the benefits of the site, often these benefits
    aren't stressed enough in the copy, and having a video makes
    it so much easier to point out. My sales MORE than doubled
    after implementing this tactic.

    Then I started using it on direct sales letters for my info-products,
    and it was no different. Sales increased over 150%, compared
    to sales letters with text only. The sales increase was still over
    100% compared to sales letters where audio was used instead
    of video.

    There are several free and low cost tutorials online that guide you
    through this effect, and one I highly recommend is by expert Josh Anderson,
    from Total Web Audio. (That's where I learned the effect for $27)

    I hope this info helps!

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    Thanks, Ken. When you say you have used it "over the merchant's site" - what do you mean by that? Do you have your video run on top of the merchant's page? If so, how does the merchant feel about that? And also, how can you get your video to come up from someone else's site?

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    Hi Janus,

    You should always check with the merchant before adding an overlay
    video to their site. In my experience, most affiliate managers/product
    owners have no problem with an affiliate adding video to make the
    sale, as long as the video is not misleading, and refers to information
    already on the page. (Don't make additional claims not already on site)

    Adding the video overlay isn't very hard, I use a tweaked script called
    "Action Announcer" to accomplish the task in a couple of minutes. (Once
    I already had video made) One thing you have to be careful of, of course,
    is not losing your affiliate tracking through the process, which varies from
    merchant to merchant.

    Hope this helps!

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    Thanks Ken. Much appreciated.

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