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    How is anybody going to know whether any of the solutions work or are worth the cost of implementing? Without some sort of baseline or comparative measurement, aren't we all going to just have to guess? Doesn't make sense, with all the work and energy that is going into this. Without hard numbers, nobody is ever going to be satisfied.

    Given that merchants don't know if an ebates-type sale originally started out as some other affiliate's (ebates themselves many not know), and given that an affiliate doesn't know if a sale they originated ended up credited to ebates, some other methodology is necessary to figure this out.

    With the day to day, month to month variability of sites, even a before and after test will not be accurate. The best way (maybe only way) to measure the effect of the solutions may be for affiliates who have several similar sites to run a test.

    Take one group of sites, and use the 3 solutions as outlined. Take another group of sites, and use none of the 3 solutions. Compare success rates for both groups over the same periods of time. Whatever marketing you did, you'd have to do for both groups. For this to work, for anybody to be satisfied that the solutions are working or are important, it is necessary to reduce the variables between the two groups to only the implementation of the solutions, at least as much as is possible.

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    That's a good question.

    Right now I have no idea or evidence that I am loosing sales from parasites. My sales are going up, not down. How will I know this is working? Will I all of a sudden see a jump in my sales?

    I don't know and I guess until I have some way of monitoring the results, I'm going to hold off on adding my name to the list. Should some of the seasoned affiliates here say they see a big difference afterwards, I suppose that would be enough for me to add my domains to the list.

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    I agree with 7-days. I believe there are enough seasoned affiliates here that will be able to indicate if they see a difference or not with their sites that have a good history to track.

    If you do add a site to the list, and sales immediately go up for that site, it will be an indication that something has changed, provided there aren't any additional new marketing efforts taking place for that site.

    I also believe if this list works, the random overwriting that is periodically reported here after being spotted by various affiliates will cease.

    I really don't believe it will take long to tell if this is going to work or not, and if something changes that makes the list ineffective, I believe that change will be noticed very quickly as well.

    There are enough people here that check the activities of parasites on a regular basis that if something doesn't change, or if other software changes are made to nullify the list, it won't take long for it to be noticed and reported.


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