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    Perhaps I've missed it, but I can't find anything but conjecture on the actual dollar loss folks like ebates are causing other affiliates.

    Are there any hard numbers to be had?

    Is redirecting commissions from other affiliates a big part of ebates business?

    Let's say, just for argument, that the exclusion list proposal works, and is safe, and does what is hoped. Will ebates care? Are they doing this because they know that the amount at stake is small?

    Or, on the other hand, if the amount at stake is large, would this proposal be the best way to protect that amount?

    Does anybody actually know the answer as to whether the amount is big or small? Does ebates? Do merchants? Do other affiliates?

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    I don't think anyone can truly answer that, unfortunately.

    I think a lot of it also depends on the particular site's traffic demographics.

    Merchants: Do you realize that some of your affiliates are being paid commission on sales which you have paid for via PPC, offline advertising, and your targeted mailings?

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    Only Networks and eBates and parasitic based companies would know the numbers involved.
    We could only guess.

    Here are a few numbers to consider to make an educated guess:

    > 3 million people has eBates' MMM.

    > 123inkjets recently dropped parasites and said that it'll cost them 250,000 sales a month. (Not a reliable number if you think that some of those sales already coming from other affiliates.)

    > TigerDirect mentioned a number like 400,000 in sales, when they dropped parasites

    > insistently works with parasites eventhough they say that affiliate boycott for their non-stance against parasites costs them 150,000/month in sales.

    Note: has PROMISED that they'll be PARASITE-FREE in 58 days, regardless of the outcome of the COC, Exclusion List or the other solutions-in-progress.

    > There are about 30 known software companies whom accused of parasitic activities not limited to affiliate marketing.

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    58 days and counting...

    If we can help to get them to change, then everyone wins. Regardless, we will have no companies considered as ParasiteWare in our affiliate program on day 58...

    Shawn Schwegman

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    Are you saying that in 58 days, you will be parasite free list or no list? Perhaps, I can start preparing to expand promotion of your site instead of cutting back.

    Perhaps you could shed some light on my posting in this thread:


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    I don't know.

    Overstock is our 2nd worst merchant. I do not know, if I can thank all the parasites all over them or not. We might be an exception, I heard, that some affiliates did well.

    However, their conversion rate for us is 0.22%.
    Poor, very poor. Even though we have more promotional links (coupons) listed for them, than for an average merchant on our site.
    Coincidence? Maybe. can't prove anything, but I started to ignore the emails about new coupons from them. Why bother.

    Carsten Partner
    Sign-up for our Affiliate Program

    If you can't move things, try harder!

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    I'm pretty sure Shawn could figure out how much his regular affiliates are losing to his parasite partners. He definitely could with some help from his stats friend.

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