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    I'm trying to watch the CJ cookie being set on my machine, to make sure that I'm not being hijacked by any spyware apps, etc. I'm primarily looking at eBay.

    I have a CJ link which goes to the machine. It then redirects to eBay's site. Which cookies should I be looking for?

    I used a software program called Proximitron to capture the HTTP calls when I clicked on the link. There were 2 distinct cookies set when I clicked through:


    QKINFO=fs6v-1u32o-dzx5-NA-30-3b26944-ef5d-393g1-dzx5-NA-30-t1c1cyrn-; expires=Sun, 07-Oct-2007 14:32:34 GMT; path=/


    mojo1=11f1751/1f6286/2751/1f9257/1f6154/1f8400/2f3899/1f6452/5f5636/2f667/1f4701/1f6470/1f112/2f9075/1f4935/1f7906/3f4790/1f7801/3f8888/3f584/1899/1899/1f578/5f4076/4f6499/4f7434/17f8358/3f5108/1f8172/1f8411/1f8395/5f7364/1f7262/2f600/1f5760/3f6766/2f4497/1f7092/1f610/4f7322/1786/1f7450/11/7f6088/1f7504/3f5284/1899/14/4s/005012/69s/71151818010/60; expires=Mon, 22-Jun-2009 00:00:00 GMT; path=/;;

    How do I interpret these cookies, to make sure that I would get credit for having referred the visitor (me)? Is my PID encrypted? How do I know that the cookie is for 30 days (I'm guessing the "NA-30" encodes this somehow).

    Is this something that people just take on faith? I'd love to be able to see if others are hijacking my cookies from the sites that I visit (in a non-obvious way, like an invisible IFRAME).


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    Faith is for church.

    I've always wondered about this myself and would like to know too. - Turns your search box into money.

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