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    January 17th, 2005
    I have spent time to day bouncing between threads and reading the accusations, the attacks, counter attacks, and flaming. It has greatly concerned me. Since we are now divided into so many factions fighting amongst ourselves, we are allowing the parasites to win.

    This battle is being fought on many different fronts, and with many different excellent ideas; exclusion lists, afsrc=1, meta tags, legal proceedings, etc.

    I'm glad to see viable ideas are in the air, and about to be implemented and tested; and that many more are being explored.

    Hopefully the plague of parasites will soon be dealt with through all of your efforts.

    I don't believe any of these ideas is wrong, or defective, just different, coming from different views and opinions. The one constant we must all stay true to is fighting the battle against the Enemy, not ourselves. Any and all of these ideas can fail if we do not stay united in our resolve to win the battle against the parasites, instead of fighting amongst ourselves.

    Let's all jump on the one we feel most comfortable with, fight the fight from our many positions, and win together. A war can be successfully won by fighting together from many different fronts, as long as we don't continue to shoot each other.

    I want to thank Haiko, Elisabeth, Happypoon, Leader, Heyder, and everyone else that is continuing to fight, and is presenting such valuable ideas.

    P.S. Debate is a great method of finding new and improved solutions, as long as you don't allow it to become personal.

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    Well said.

    Shawn Schwegman

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    Divide and Conquer... indeed.
    A big group is strong and can achieve many things, smaller ones almost don't count...


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    Well, um, thanks for your thanks MisterUnz, but I actually didn't say anything here in this latest debate (about the "list").. I found it more productive to do a site update that I'd been stalling on, than to wade through all the flames and counter-flames.

    It's the most wonderful time of the year! ~From a "Golden Era" Christmas Song

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