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    January 18th, 2005
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    Geo Caching
    I just recently started this and wondered if any one here has ever tried it.

    It is basically using a hand held GPS to find a 'cache' or log book to sign.

    I found it fun.


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    Heyas Doug,

    I used to geocache a lot until my caching buddy had a stroke. Haven't really got back in the swing since but it is a great adventure to get out into the woods searching for tupperware using billion dollar satellites.. lol I think since I did any geocaching they split some of the functions off and have different sites now for team caching and stuff like virtual caches. It has probably been at least a year or two since I have been out. I think my favorite one was one we searched and searched for probably over an hour. We finally noticed a rope on a tree in the area we had been walking. They had hung a sealed coffee canister wrapped in camo tape in a tree kinda like an outdoorsman would have suspended their food supply. We had literally walked under the thing at least a dozen times without noticing it.

    At any rate, its a really fun sport, especially if the folks hiding caches in your area are creative.

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    I've tried it a bit, but mostly use my GPS for prospecting. Have some fun geo caching domains on my endless list of projects though.
    Eathan Mertz

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    I used to do a ton of this when I lived in Rural Pennsylvania. Great way to get out and see new areas that I wouldn't normally see. Found a fossil bed only 1/2 mile from my then house, that I later would take friends kids to go fossil hunting. Found ahistoric landmark only 1/2 mile from my mother's house that I had passed 100 times but never looked down at the ground to see it (wooden road). Cool.

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