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    Do you guys feel you get better results from Adwords, Overture or some place else?

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    I'll never tell! Just kidding

    I find that you get much more traffic with Google, MSN & Yahoo with less than stellar ROI. And, that you get less traffic with better ROI with secondary SE's.

    But, in the end it depends on what you are advertising, how well written the ad is and that the landing page is appropriate.


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    I really like adwords, but GoNicoFish is right it's all about wording. Make sure your Ad lets the buyer know you have the product and are reputable as well. ROI is different with every program, but there are ways to change the numbers pending on if your campaign is reward by CTR, CTM, or CONVERSIONS!!! I love conversions. If it's conversions and your dealing with higher priced merchants you don't always want to be on the top listing. Sometimes being #4 is better than being #1, Oh and use price. These two things can produce more QUALIFIED consumers while lowering the amount your giving to ADWORDS.

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