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    I've got ZoneAlarm on... all the time. Can I still be effected by a drive by install of parasiteware... or anything else for that matter?

    I assume I would have to authorize the install... Zone Alarm wouldn't allow it through unless I clicked to confirm it.

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    Drive by's are usually executed by ActiveX or java through a popup window. If you go to a webpage that uses ActiveX or java and you can see it, it is downloaded onto your computer.

    Most firewalls allow you to block popups and this should prevent the download and/or you could disable java and ActiveX in your IE custom security settings. Most firewalls can block these types of scripts but you may have to set it yourself so explore thouroughly.

    It is well worth installing the free adaware software from lavasoft, something I put off for a long time but if I had known how quick and easy it was I would have done it a lot sooner. I had some really nasty things on there and I had no idea just how nasty they where. My computer has stopped crashing and it runs three times faster since I got those nasties off.

    BTW: It is not a good idea to tell anyone what firewall you are using.

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