Hello Team,

Welcome to CASH Tuesday!

This is the day of the week you don't want to miss out as a buy.at and ARC affiliate partner. This week we will be premiering Swarovski!

************Tuesday Cash Bonus Challenge************

All Swarovski affiliate partners will receive an additional $25.00 for every sale generated between Tuesday, August 28, 2007 - Monday, September 3, 2007. This is an opportunity you dont want to miss out on, we are looking forward to giving out allot of Cash on this one, so get on this money train today!

If youíre not familiar with Swarovski here's a little history:

Program Benefits
superiour commissions of up to 12.5% per sale
strong products
special ad-media to support niche-sites
possibility of content-usage from swarovski.com*
personal communication and support in planning your individual Swarovski-campaign Join now and become a reseller for some of the best and finest gifts to be found online!

upto $1000: 8% standard-commission
from $1000 - $3999: 9.5% commission
from $4000 - $7999: 11% commission
$8000 +: 12.5% commission
$5.00 CAB's (Cash Activation Bonuses)
Dedicated Program Management by Andy Rodriguez Consulting

If you havenít joined Swarovski, JOIN TODAY!

Good luck and thank you for the support!