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    Best Forums to advertise
    I run affiliate program through Shareasale for my website templates. In order to expand my program, I like to advertise in forums to recruit more affiliates & super affiliates. I have already decided with ABW to advertise at "New Program / announcement" session. Can anybody suggest me few more best forums to get my program advertised either for free / paid?

    I also found that ABW offers Text ad in Email & Recruiting Email services. Did anybody try with it? If so please tell me your experience about it. Would those services help me to recruit new & super affiliates?

    Thanks in advance

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    To make your announcement here the most effective, you might want to review this list of affiliate friendly policies and implement any necessary changes to your program first.

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    I'm thinking your list of free forums that allow you to "advertise" in your signature will give you just what you are "paying" for (nothing).

    Unless you are contributing quality content to any of those forums on a regular basis, what affiliates are going to pay attention to your signature?

    Did you read the threads Michael linked to? Affiliates aren't just sitting on forums waiting with baited breath for your offer. If you are new, you need to earn their trust and spamming forums (here or elsewhere) with your signature without attempting to be part of the communities and allowing them to get to know you is going to hurt your reputation, not help it.

    Recruiting affiliates isn't as easy as posting your offer or program link and expecting affiliates to come running.
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    Jaydenlucas has been banned for spamming - I think that's all the posting was about. Thread closed!
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