Had a weird response come through on an order this morning - "The transaction request was unable to be completed: MAX MONTHLY $VOL"...

I got on the phone with the customer and our gateway straight away. It turns out our account had a ceiling on the dollar volume we could run per month, a ceiling they had never informed us of!!!

They doubled it for us temporarily, and I was able to recover the order, but cripes! The fact that there was a limit we had not been told about is a little frustrating. Needless to say, I applied for a permanent increase.

The whole thing took maybe 10 minutes to sort out and admittedly it's pretty cool reaching our monthly limit with several days left in the month, but the whole thing could've been a disaster if it had happened on a weekend, or while I was out of the office.

Anyway, moral of the story is; if you don't know the limit on your merchant account/gateway, don't assume you don't have one. Ask.