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    Why Is Our Direct Depost Payment Taking So Long to Post in Our Bank Accounts?

    There's been no LS response to Snowman's thread about the the "erroneous" Payment date thread. So I thought I would start my own and ask the question in a different way to see if we could get the LS rep to find out what's happening.

    Could you please let us know what type of lag should be expected on a typical month between the announcement of payment and it arriving in my account. Because last month there was a "mistake" when it took longer. Usually it's one or two businesss for all other business transactions.

    If anyone has received theirs that would be good to know as well.


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    I was just wondering the same thing. According to LinkSynergy a payment was made on Wednesday, 8/22/07. However, here it is a week later and the payment has not shown up in my bank account.

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    Originally Posted by Billy Kay
    And Linksahre fired the employee in accounting who never followed up for 6 days.


    And Linkshare was sooooooooooo outraged that their bank did nothing for 6 days, while their 500.000 affiliates waited in vain for their commissions, that they immediately switched banks to a reputable bank - one that KNOWS how to make a deposit

    or... more dig...

    Is this bank related in any way to the company Linkshare hired to Validate affiliates???
    LOL Aunt Lily... I'm guessing the guy from 2 weeks ago actually wasn't fired, and they haven't switched banks yet!!!

    Sorry for the humor - but the situation is so silly, I have no choice.

    The only other acceptable response would be for Renae to post

    Hi All
    We LIED - Deal with it!!

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