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    Question Autofeed problem

    Can I edit the autofeed product ?
    I found some items are totally unrelated to my chosen theme, so how can I remove those items.

    eg. I choose coffee table, but some table lamps come up in the autofeed.



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    The best way to control the AutoFeed (now) is to be really specific about your keywords and not allow any products in that come from very general searches.

    For instance, if you do a search for coffee table and add 3 products, then do a search for "table" and add one product, you can potentially have "table lamp" come up because "table" was so general.

    The better way to do it is, after you added your first three products, then did that general search for table, to take note of the very specific keywords of items you want to add from the table search, then search just for that item (like if you saw something that was called a "cocktail table", then I redo your search just for those keywords and add them then.) This will limit your search results greatly.

    We hope to give you greater control soon, but that's currently how it works now.

    Hope that helps,


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