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    A couple months ago I had a page advertising GPS systems and it made lots of sales.

    Now I made some more pages, getting a lot more traffic about GPS systems but not selling 1/100th of what I was before.

    Was that just a hot item back then, since the price went down so much for GPS and became available to everyone, or is it some issue on my side you think?

    What type of page would be a good to send these people to, an individual product recommendation, or a page with lots of GPS systems, I'm a newbie at this stuff.


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    I am not sure what pages were created but maybe you might have diluted a person's focus.

    With your original model page(s), are you able to determine what links were the higher clickthough or links that lead to a transaction.

    If you are an expert or know the subject matter well, product recommendation often works.

    If they are looking for a page with lots of GPS, I think companies like, and Amazon have already corned the market.

    All the best

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