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    Coca-Cola Store Launches with DoubleClick Performics!
    DoubleClick Performics is excited to announce The Coca-Cola Store Affiliate Program!

    Web site:

    Company Description: is the online source for official Coca-Cola ® branded, licensed merchandise, providing high-quality and unique merchandise for Coke fans of all ages. Coca-Cola Store's selection of merchandise includes apparel, accessories, home décor & furnishings, collectibles, trade-ables, gifts, signs, and artwork. We carry essential Coke favorites such as glassware in classic shapes and sizes, bottles, historical replicas, metal signs, and traditional holiday items. Plus, we have a number of exclusive collections that give a nod to modern design, eco-friendly manufacturing, fashion-forward thinking and global style.

    Our products appeal to many consumers, ranging from the casual to the serious Coke fan. For the casual fan, we offer a full range of apparel and accessories for men, women, juniors, kids, and infant/toddler. Apparel items include playful t-shirts, functional fleece, comfy loungewear, and outerwear. Accessories include hats, baseball caps, bags, totes, handbags, jewelry, wallets, and much more. Games, toys, kitchen accessories, decorative items and an abundance of great gift ideas can also be found at Plus, the serious or professional collector will be delighted to find those special replicas, memorabilia, and collectible items that reflect the proud history of The Coca-Cola Company.

    The Coca-Cola brand stands for happiness, joy, and relentless optimism. Coca-Cola beverages bring refreshment and satisfaction to millions of people every day. is here to offer a little something extra to the people who truly love our brand and our products.
    Click. Shop. Enjoy!

    Commission Structure:
    10% - 14% Tiered: The more sales you generate, the higher the commission you will receive!
    •$1,000 or less - 10% revenue share
    •Between $1,001 to $2,000 - 11% revenue share
    •Between $2,001 to $3,000 - 12% revenue share
    •Between $3,001 to $4,000 - 13% revenue share
    •Between $4,001 and up - 14% revenue share

    Commission Duration:
    60 days

    Get Started Now through DoubleClick Performics!
    Get started today to earn more money tomorrow! Log into your DoubleClick Performics account and join the The Coca-Cola Store Affiliate program today. After approval, you can upload banners and links and start earning commissions right away!

    If you have any questions or need assistance in signing up for The Coca Cola Store, please contact us at Coca-ColaStore[at]

    Thank You,

    The Coca-Cola Store Team at DoubleClick Performics

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    Will they have a datafeed? I'm hoping that they won't, so I won't feel so bad about being declined by them.
    If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with bulls#!t
    Don't tell me that you'll do it... SHOW ME.
    Just because everyone else is drinking it is no reason for me to drink the KOOL-AID.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nature Boy
    Will they have a datafeed? I'm hoping that they won't, so I won't feel so bad about being declined by them.
    On the application, you shouldn't have said your favorite soda was Pepsi.

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    I applied yesterday, was approved today, and was very plesently surprised to find that they have BYOL active.

    This type of information should be available for all merchants before applying.

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    Great Start to Program
    Received today:

    Dear .....

    We appreciate your support of the Coca-Cola Store affiliate program. This announcement serves to notify you that Coca-Cola Store tracking is down. Please be assured that Coca-Cola Store is working to correct this problem as quickly as possible. While orders are currently not posting to ConnectCommerceSM, Coca-Cola Store and DoubleClick Performics will work to reconcile orders that are placed during the outage.

    Coca-Cola Store would like to thank you for your patience while we work to resolve this issue. A follow-up e-mail will be sent as soon as the situation is resolved.


    Program Manager for Coca-Cola Store
    They get kudos for notifying us, unlike so many other merchants.

    Glad I hadn't gotten to adding their products yet, but I had hoped to in the next couple of days. That drops down on the list now.

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