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    When does linkshare pay and who pays the most frequently?
    I currently am only involved with CJ but the one payment a month is kinda of pain. Just wondering if there are some other options and other sites to look at to help keep the cash flow moving.


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    LinkShare and Performics pay "more often" (twice a month), but it's usually a longer wait.

    LinkShare, for instance, pays around the 10th and 25th of each month, but it only includes commissions where the merchant has already paid (and if they paid with a check, the check has to have cleared for a week). For instance, your end of August payment might include some commissions from July, June, and May.

    That won't really help your cash flow.

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    Your cash flow is best when the merchant pays on time more so than how frequently a network pays. It makes no difference how frequently a network pays if the merchant is behind in paying the network.

    You also have to determine how much weight you place on a merchant paying on time, to a reasonable degree.

    CJ pays quickly after the end of the commission earning period, but only if the merchant pays quickly.

    I feel that the networks should provide merchant payment data to any network member, regardless of whether or not the affiliate is a member of the merchant's program. I also feel that decisions should be made based on the merchant rather than the network unless the network has been acting in poor faith. You're promoting a merchant, not a network.

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    Once a month is a hassle
    One of the accounts I manage only pays once a month, but they pay direct. I know it's nuscence to affiliates to have to wait and I apologize. However on the otherside this account deals with a tangible product used by homes and mostly small business so the avg. cost is around the $500 mark. If you don't like dealing with once a month payouts, try it with higher end purchases to off-set the wait.


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