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    New affiliate program help - seeking partners as well.
    Hi Everyone

    I am looking for feedback, and hopefully a few partners who will see this idea as a solid business opportunity.

    I work with an online drug treatment program. We simply refer people into drug treatment centers.

    Recently we tested out some RX data on an email blast. Our open rate was high. The results were very strong.

    Going to rehab is accepted and popular in our culture. An affiliate would make thousands for each refferal on a CPA basis.

    We have the ability to set up the first drug treatment affiliate program. There are a number of ways to market drug rehab, real RX data being the best.

    If you would like to help our company start an affiliate program or you have ideas on how we can do this, or if you can contribute in anyway, please drop me a PM.


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    You can't get PMs. Check the OPM section and send some emails to hire a consultant. And do a LOT of reading here.
    Deborah Carney

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    For me, the key issue would be tracking -- someone clicks from my web site to a referral site and then to a rehab-center web site, where they submit a lead form (or much more likely, call a toll-free number). The actual transaction is done "in person" at the facility.

    Even if you design your tracking system well, patient confidentiality would almost certainly prevent any meaningful auditing; indeed, even if I knew that my cousin clicked on my link before submitting a lead form and then checked into Cozy Acres Rehab Center, and complained when I didn't get my referral fee, I doubt that you could even verify or deny that my cousin was treated there.

    Also, to the extent that treatment is covered by insurance or by government payments, I believe there are legal restrictions on paying referral fees or commissions based on transactions, similar to those for ion medications. There may also be restrictions on paying referral fees for certain services (as a California attorney, I am barred from paying ANY referral fees to non-attorneys; I assume there are similar laws and regulations affecting medical professionals).

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    My rehab client pays me a flat monthly fee for marketing,
    All transactions are closed by phone or at the facility.

    PS: 28 day stays can cost up to $40,000

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