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    ANyone here use commissionsoup
    I promoted a couple of their programs such as their citibank credit card, but it notice its been several weeks and it hasn't been posted. Anyone here know how long they usually take before posting and are there any other good network that post these commissions fast?

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    I'm in their network but don't see to many appealing campaigns, and now that you said that the leads don't report back to well, I guess I won't be using them.

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    I used them a long time ago and found they were using popups without my affiliate id when people switched away i asked their affiliate manager and he didnt know what to say but admitted it

    Be wary!

    Now saying that NCSreporting isnt much better they are a bunch of con artists

    Then you have cardoffers they arent too bad i mean i did receive a check but the ROI is terrible with them, i think the guy is skimming off the top..

    Only way to succeed in cards is to be a group like ncsreporting or cardoffers not an affiliate for them

    Too many underhanded people working there

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